Ginger Lemon Tea

ginger lemon tea

Today was arguably the warmest day of the winter yet.  So, either the ground hog came out this year or Global warming is finally showing Michigan its true colors.  Either way, don’t be fooled by this 49 degree weather, the wind is so strong it can blow you into the nearest tree.  And touching the wrong door handle these days can lead to a two week plague in your house hold.

With that being said, practicing some simple preventive health techniques, such as drinking tea regularly, can be the perfect solution to combating tricky weather and invisible germs.

Ginger lemon tea has a warming effect throughout the body.  It is great for indigestion, muscle relaxation, relief of sore throat, congestion and coughs.

In addition, lemon has antibiotic properties and ginger has been shown to help prevent colon and ovarian cancer…way more than the common cold!


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