Allergies: 3 Natural Solutions


Vitamin C
One of the main culprites of allergies are our already comprimised immune systems. One great way to help keep you immune system strong in addition to optimal GI health is to take 1000mg of Vitamin C everyday!

Neti Pot


The Neti Pot is a manually pressurized device with a long, curved spout used to flush the nasal cavity. When you are congested with mucus this is an excellent method for immediate relief.

Fill the pot with a warm saline solution (salt + water), tilt your head to one side to allow the water to flow out of the adjacent nostril and voila! You should be able to breath a little easier. There are different styles of neti pots, some made of ceramic, others of plastic or metal, none of which is an inferior option.

Local Honey

Just like a vaccination, eating local honey can pre-expose you to the pollen of the area in which you live and thus help your body develop a natural resistance to it before Spring hits and you’re sneezing all over your coworkers.


Raw, Organic honey is best because it is not prepared at high temperature and much of the original vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, pollen, propolis and honeycomb!

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