Happy Mother’s Day!!


I woke up this morning having an epiphany about how I even got started being interested in health in the first place. Seems like all my thoughts revolve around these days but certainly there is a source to my fascination with nature, green things, flowering trees, wild berries, herbal remedies and the like.

And it comes right down to you Mom!! You were the one who signed me up for my first overnight camp experience, leaving me in the wilderness to feign for myself, well not exactly, but at 9 years old all I could think about was spiders and bears. But as I got older, I began to look forward to hiking in the summer and kayaking, and listening to the trees in the forest rustle in the wind. I began to miss camp fires and pick leaves off bushes to feel and smell the leaves.

Then there were your meals, we always had to have at least one vegetable. MyPlate wasn’t even around back then but you knew just what you were doing! And getting out in the garden at a young age, watching you tackle ferns and plant tulips gave me such a great appreciation for cultivating the fruits of mother Earth.

So, on this Mother’s Day, I just want to thank you for planting this seed in me and I have to ask…will you be my blogging partner?


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  1. Tgouch says:

    What a beautiful message to send to your Mom on Mother’s Day

    Sent from my iPhone

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