Memories of Mountains

coral flower

Ghana was the longest trip I’ve ever taken abroad. For three months, we tested for herbal phytochemicals, hiked, biked, studied, learned some Twi, and just absorbed every second of newness. The Plant Medicine Center, where I was conducting research sat on 10 acres of ‘Medicinal’ forest. Where most of the plants growing contained properties that allowed them to create treatments for high blood pressure, malaria,common colds and more.

me and elephant

I remember so vividly the drives to and from the center but especially the ones on the way home. Watching the sun set along the mountainside, casting tree shadows on homes, and marking the time for dinner and street vendors to begin setting up for the busy night time crowds. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Everyday, I had lots of thoughts during the experience and I kept a blog to help me reflect and remember. I truly hope I can go back someday to visit my friends there but in the meantime, I’ll just reminisce….Enjoy!

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