Analog Girl in a Digital World

lion's head

My uncle once referred to South Africa as a sleeping giant. Standing on top of Table Mountain in Cape Town, certainly revealed this to me. It was one of the most memorable trips I’ve taken thus far. With hikes, township gardens, fashion shows, women’s circles, teaching nutrition and computer skills to high school students, dancing to house music, attending a live 9th Wonder concert and meeting some AMAZING young South African people, made me feel like I was just around the corner in Brooklyn.

Ayanna with TRG

I’d always yearned to visit South Africa because of the similar human rights struggles to America. Apartheid has only “officially” been over since 1994 and the country continues to maintain one of the highest wealth disparities in the world between the rich and the poor. All I could think was how can young African Americans and South Africans connect and build together? After all, our parents and grandparents experienced similar struggles and we have been inundated with the same music and images supporting Black Inferiority. Just a thought.


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