Turn Off The Lights


It was once beautiful to fly over cities at night, looking down upon miles of glimmering lights. Illuminating the grid patterns of the city streets and stretching across land like a spider’s web. But these days, with so much research on our over-consumption of everything from food to energy, I can’t help but to look at the lights and see a cancer spreading across the Earth. Our use of electricity late into the night, contributes to the burning of coal and emission of CO2 into the already
saturated atmosphere.

So Marvin Gay is crooning softly on the stereo, she puts the wine glass slowly to her lips and smiles before taking a sip of her favorite Merlot. Looking at her lover as he pulls dessert out of the oven. He walks over to let her taste a piece of his homemade apple crisp. They add ice cream. Feeding one another, they laugh as it drips. She touches his face softly, with care. The first kiss, leads to more. He puts his hand on her lower back and pulls her off of the stool where she sat precariously perched. She wraps her legs around him and he begins to walk toward the bedroom door. He stops, suddenly, as if he’d forgotten something. He put her down slowly. She looked at him, puzzled. It looked like he was headed for the door to leave, then she realized, he was just going to turn out the lights. 😉

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  1. thee0utsider says:

    Explain more about Eco Sex, it’s sounds interesting. Is there more to eco sex than just turning off the lights?

  2. thee0utsider says:

    Reblogged this on I am Not my Hair ! and commented:
    I want to know more!

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