Meditation: Dusty Foot Philosophers


Excerpt from ‘Dusty Foot Philosophers by Ayanna D. Gouch’:

“Sasha and Devontae were skeptical at first, resistant but not militant, which was a relief to Nawiri. The next part would seem like the easiest but in fact it was the hardest. The key to this mystery idea of ‘meditation’ was the mind and the breath. Clearing their minds and focusing on breathing, counting and listening to their environment all at the same time. Each of them found themselves drifting into habitual thoughts and quickly shifting back to counting, imagining blank space like a canvas where only they could create, erase and start all over again.”

To learn more about the benefits of meditation, check out this awesome article:

Meditation Health Benefits: What The Practice Does To Your Body

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  1. Everything about this series of blogs are great stuff! Flow drinks, Protecting our water, Eco living, Meditation. They are all in the category of a shift in coniousness. Love&Light!

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