Blends of Nature


Passion Fruit, Ginger, Agave, Alkaline Water, Sea Moss

This juice is nothing short of amazing! I ran into the Blends of Nature booth today at the DanceAfrica BAM Festival.  So here’s what I love about this juice and the mission of this company:

  1. The EXTRA Ginger was so lovely, warming up my digestive tract on such a chilly day, and the overall taste was just fantastic!
  2. They are not only dedicated to making and selling healthy foods but educating at the same time.  For example, their flyer explains that plantain juice is an excellent source of potassium and feeds your muscle – great before and after a workout.  The health benefits for all of the other juices they sell are also listed on the flyer.
  3. They were very personable and showed passion for their craft.


On the Menu was green juice, berry juice, mango juice, passion fruit juice, plantain juice, papaya juice, nut juice, vegan & soy burgers and more! To check out the magnificent flavors of ‘Blends of Nature,’ stop by the DanceAfrica Festival this weekend OR visit their storefront location at 643 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Behind the Scenes with Flow Juice Man & Crew


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  1. massbaum says:

    Flow has helped myself and so many others over the years to discover a healthy approach to life and he has encouraged us to stay on that path.. His strength of mind, body and spirit shines so bright that you can’t help but be affected by it.. He has been a blessing in my family’s life and it makes me so happy to see him reaching so many people in such a positive way.. Thank you brother.. Peace.. Love.. And respect!! Stay blessed!!

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