…And Light A Candle

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This is a continuation of this post: Turn Off the Lights

He turned back toward her trying not to look hurried but she could see the anticipation in his eyes. He swooped her up again, this time in the dark, and carefully opened the bedroom door. She kissed his neck as he held on firmly to her lower back to make sure she didn’t fall. Little did he know, her thighs tightly clenched around his torso were really holding her body to his. Joined at the hip, they made their way to the bed. She began to unbutton his belt as he reached for her blouse buttons. The air was getting warmer. It was summer but they’d decided to save energy by only using the air conditioning on 90+ degree days.

Her blouse was now off and so were his slacks. As he leaned toward the nightstand to light a cinnamon candle, he could feel her soft kisses on his six pack. The smell of the candle hit them at the same time and they lay for a second engulfed in the rich aroma allowing it to fill their lungs with tingly ecstasy. He pulled out the drawer and reached for a condom.

They were well aware of the rapidly increasing human population and the fact that every single person on the planet breathes in oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide making each breathe a contribution to rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. With an estimated 9 billion people on the planet by 2040, the best eco sex they could have on this steamy, cinnamon, chocolate night was to have sex that did not result in having a baby.

Disclaimer: I love babies, they are adorable and I want a couple of my own but without protection, a couple could turn into 20 and the earth just can’t afford for us to be having unprotected sex all willy nilly. So, for the sake of mother nature, wrap it up!!

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