Broccoli City: Organic + FLY


Broccoli City is a movement by itself. The Founder, Brandon McEachern, is ingenious in his approach to introducing the organic lifestyle to the urban community. He believes that the key to turning heads is partying. Use something that people are already familiar with like a popular rapper (let’s face it, Black folks love to party and so do Hispanics) and mix in some organic vegetables, yoga, and fair trade products for sale and there you have an urban organic fiesta taking place right before your eyes.

This is exactly what went down at the first Broccoli City Festival last month, which brought out over 5,000 people from all walks of life. The Broccoli City organic cotton clothing line is nothing short of soft, creative, AND funky.

Check out Broccoli City Clothing & Accessories at:

And here’s the Broccoli City Festival Re-Cap:


Broccoli City Organic Lifestyle Group exposes the urban community to news, environmentally friendly and healthy products, innovation, and social trends. Generally these consumers receive very little information about Going Green, and keeping a healthy mind and body. Broccoli City’s mission is to use creativity to showcase a relatable look into health, social issues, environment, culture, art, fashion and music in an effort to improve, encourage and empower urban communities. The ”BC” movement has become so strong because of its daily blog, social media, community involvement, events, Eco fashion and online video series BCTV.

Check Out Our Interview with the Founder/CEO Brandon McEachern:

What role do you think cooperative economics, bartering and community farms will play in developing stronger and healthier urban communities?

I think it plays a huge role, It is the sense of “Community” period. We want people to not only be consumers of a healthier urban community but also producers of it. If you are a consumer and a producer you play a role on both sides of the coin. In developing that attitude everyone wins.

Do you see Broccoli city as a future competitor with media networks like BET that often promote negative images of minorities and unhealthy advertising messages?

No, I don’t see that, but what I do see is us working with them in the future, developing entertainment that breaks that mode that we have been stuck in for a while. Showing interesting and hip ways to live an alternative and healthier lifestyle.

How can individuals and other organizations partner with BC to help grow the movement?

It’s very simple. We encourage anyone to just contact us at

Who is your target audience and what are your target cities?

Our target audience is the young and hip. We like new age thinkers, creatives and artsy minds.

Do you ultimately envision every ‘hood’ to be a broccoli city?

“Everywhere”…Absolutely, Broccoli City is all about the ‘Delicate Balance”, this mix between having a good time and partying etc, but also understanding that you can’t live that way all the time. It is the Burger vs. the salad mentality, they both are good are good in moderation. Understanding the choice is the goal of Broccoli City.

How do you rebrand ‘cool’? And how challenging has it been thus far?

Cool is such a complex word, because often times it is all about perspective. So we just do what we that we think is “cool” and most people see it, and get the vision.

What are your ideas around increasing access to healthy foods in poor communities?

It is a necessity, we are going the fun route at this moment, but it is a serious issue. I think the best route is for “us” as a people to show the want/need for the healthy products and speaking up about it in our individual communities. As I stated before, our community has to know there is a choice, first. That’s what we are attempting to do. Education is key, then follows the need. Knowing is half the battle.

Do you have a ground campaign as well as a social media and online campaign?

We are working with a couple of community gardens in Washington, DC. ( We are also currently gearing up to work with a few communities in Inglewood, CA as well.

I’ve seen video clips of community forums that you have helped facilitate in the past, is this something you plan to do on a more regular basis to create strategic actions plans for cities like Detroit, Newark, Philly and DC…Specifically engaging youth to lead the way? If so, when is the next one?

Definitely we want want to touch those cities. We are looking at partnerships to stretch our vision beyond the CA and DC area.

Do you have any other ongoing events?

Yes, we are having a project coming up in Washington, DC entitled the “TheSmileProject” which should be interesting. More information soon!

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  1. TravelingMad says:

    This sounds pretty cool. I will def have to check out the movement!

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