A Love Letter to Wakanda’s Green Tech

First of all, I just want to give a gigantic THANK YOU to Ryan Coogler, the entire cast of Black Panther and every single person who participated in bringing this movie’s vision to life.  I’ve spent the past few days reflecting on the movie, thinking about all of the layered messages woven throughout the script and just feeling blessed to have experienced this epic adventure.  I literally cried through the movie because the themes were just hitting home left and right from struggles with identity to the creation of a mythology that we can all hold onto in the real world as a framework for building pan-African cities of the future.

So, let’s talk green cities. I hate the words “under-developed” and “third world,” it always feels so disrespectful and rooted in the colonial propaganda of previous centuries.  It is language that is meant to diminish but in truth, Africa is sitting on literal gold mines that have been developing for millions of years.  And in the mythical city of Wakanda, they are sitting on vibranium that has been untouched by imperialists and thus the five tribes were able to unite around this precious material to create a beautiful, Afro-futurist society utilizing green tech made with infused vibranium.  Now, we don’t know exactly how vibranium provides energy but it is quite clear that they are not burning it.  We watch as T’Challa and Nakia make their way through the vibrant marketplace and levitating public transit passes by with no emissions.  Their air is clean, their water pristine and they’ve also managed to figure out universal health care and free and equal education for all.  From kimoyo beads to automated mining, Wakanda has  given us a blueprint for what green African cities can look like – mixing the traditional marketplaces with glass high rises and clean energy.  I bet they don’t even use plastic in Wakanda.


Our imaginations have officially been stimulated by this movie. Thank you guys again!


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    Love this!!! Did you post on Facebook?

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    I post a photo and notation, check it out!

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